Why Lessons?
Playing an instrument is an individual skill and art form. Private lessons are a way to give your student a competitive edge in the most competitive orchestra region in Texas as well as within our high-achieving orchestra program at Lawler.

In orchestra class, we teach with the goal of all our students being proficient on their instruments. Those who focus and practice at home will do very well! However, in most beginner classes, we teach with a one teacher to 20-30 student ratio that does not allow for extended periods of time to be spent on individual technique. Private lessons provide the one-on-one feedback that students need to excel and be competitive.

Frisco ISD is part of the most competitive orchestra region in the state of Texas. Students with at least one year of experience on their instrument have the opportunity to audition for our All-Region orchestra every fall. The audition music is extremely difficult and the competition is fierce. The students who start in private lessons as beginners, consistently take them throughout the year, and follow through in subsequent years are the students who have a chance at making the prestigious region orchestra each fall. At least 98% of the region orchestra members are in private lessons.

Beyond region competitions, lessons provide other opportunities: Every year, students are invited to participate in the solo & ensemble contest in the spring. This is an opportunity for students who are involved in lessons to shine and show the level of solo musicianship they have developed.

Auditions take place at the end of the school year for placement in one of Lawler’s four advanced ensembles. Students who take lessons almost always place higher than those who do not.

Lessons aren’t only about being competitive. When a student takes on the challenge of learning a stringed instrument, they are starting a lifelong journey of learning and refining techniques to make beautiful music. Lessons are not a short term fix-all, but a long term commitment to being a competent and growing musician. As students grow physically, they will need to adjust their techniques. As they develop a love for their instrument, they will want to learn more than the classroom environment is able to provide.

How do lessons work?
Lessons are a full school year commitment. They are available as pull-outs during orchestra class once a week or outside of the school day. Most lessons take place during the school day, however they can take place before/after school. Older, more competitive students usually choose to take lessons outside of the school day to be able to take longer lessons each week.

It is important to get signed up with a qualified teacher. There are many teachers in the area – some are more qualified than others. Some teachers or schools of music will happily take your money, but have no idea how to teach with proper technique. Make sure you are receiving lessons from a competent teacher by using a district approved lesson teacher. Lesson availability goes quickly, and we often have a waitlist. Lessons will be filled first-come, first-served. If you are interested in lessons, please use the form below to complete registration and we will get you connected with a teacher.