Why orchestra?
Learning an instrument is a wonderful opportunity for young students, but orchestra is so much more than just learning an instrument!
The skills your child will learn in orchestra will help them be successful on the stage, in the classroom, and for the rest of their lives.

Being in orchestra teaches:

  • Goal setting
  • Performance techniques specific to the instrument chosen
  • Music theory and history
  • Confidence and performance etiquette
  • How to receive constructive criticism and grow from it
  • How to deal with failure and build a growth mindset
  • Responsibility and organization
  • Teamwork and listening skills – both musically and socially

Beyond the learning, being in orchestra provides:

  • Life-long friendships
  • A positive community within the school
  • A positive community within FISD and in high school
  • Socials, field trips, concerts, and fun!

How do I join orchestra?
Everyone is welcome in orchestra and joining is super easy!
1. Choose orchestra as your 1st choice elective when signing up for your classes.
2. Decide on an instrument! Come to our instrument petting zoo in January

If you have any questions, please read through this whole page to see if your question is already answered, but also please don’t hesitate to email lalondec@friscoisd.org

I already know how to play an orchestra instrument! Do I still need to meet with the directors before I join orchestra class?
Yes. We have five different levels of orchestra at Lawler. You can email lalondec@friscoisd.org to set up a meeting. If you are far enough along in your learning, you may be able to place in one of our more advanced ensembles.

I want to get a head start! Can I start lessons before the school year begins?
Check out our lessons page HERE

How much time does orchestra take?
Beginners should plan to practice about 15 minutes 3x a week when they first get their instruments home. As the year progresses and student’s endurance increases, practice time will also increase. Those who practice more will progress faster and have a greater chance of placing in one of our higher ensembles in 7th/8th grade year.

Can I be in orchestra and athletics?
Definitely! Athletics doesn’t begin until 7th grade, and many of our 7th and 8th grade orchestra students participate in orchestra and athletics. 6th Graders do not have the option to take athletics yet.

Do I need to carry my instrument back and forth to school?
The answer depends on what instrument you choose to play.
– Violin and Viola students rent an instrument and take it back and forth to practice. It is small and portable. Violin and viola students who bike like to get a small rack installed on their bike for their instrument. If you choose violin/viola as your instrument, you will receive more information about this.
– Cello and Bass students will rent an instrument that stays at home. Each day in class, they will use a school owned instrument that is shared between classes. Cellos/Basses only need to be brought to campus periodically to be tuned or for large events like concerts.

Have more Questions? Email lalondec@friscoisd.org